Space Suit Black


NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Animation and Digital Arts MFA Thesis film

Space Suit Black is the story of a rigid logical-thinking father who cannot understand his young daughter’s wild, imaginative side until she disappears. As he looks for her inside of the house he realizes the stark differences between the spaces that he occupies and the spaces that she occupies within the house.
This is essentially the story between a father and his daughter and his struggle to understand her.
This film was animated in Flash. Backgrounds were either hand painted or pained in Photoshop. Compositing in After Effects.

Animator and Director

Frankie Leroux
Jeremy de Jesus
Ben Stepner
Craig Hill

Sound Design:
Frankie Leroux
Wigbert Caro aka Moduloktopus

(2014) Big MINI Media Film Festival – Honorable Mention
(2014) IPRHFF – Official Selection
(2014) ENFOQUE – Official Selection